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Take a ride on any one of the five horses on this time machine/carousel and be transported to a different time or world. Pick a horse wisely and ride at your own risk. 

If you choose to ride Euphrates you will be able to go anywhere from the beginning of time to the end of the Roman Empire. His outfit is based on the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and Persian/Babylonian horse art from that time.

“Valiant “
A ride on this guy will have you anywhere from the 13th-17th Century! Fighting dragons, in King Arthur's court or maybe even a chateau in France, it’s your choice.
His armor depicts some of my favorite stories from that time.
More on him later when I post photo of just him.

The age of Discovery and exploration. He is named after Amerigo Vespucci, the explorer that the Americas are named after. A ride on this guy will take you anywhere from 1480-1915. Take a ride and discover new worlds and inventions. He has an Indian war bridle and his paint markings include a ship, pyramids, the wild west, North and South America, etc.

If the other horses did not tempt you to ride then maybe Gutenberg will. Go to the time of your favorite book even into the future, if it is written then you can go there with Gutenberg.
He is a drastic custom; there is not a piece of the original plastic showing. He has a book for a saddle and a fairy tale style set of tack with books as decoration. He is named after the first ever printing press from around 1440.

“Time Warp”
 is kind of a mystery horse because you don’t know where you’ll end up! She is the most important part of this machine, she represents love and it is her that is powering the machine. When someone chooses to ride her they don’t go back in time or forwards in time, they go into another dimension where they get to spend 24 hours with a loved one.
This person or animal could have passed on already or could be someone you don’t know yet or maybe someone that isn’t even born as of the time you ride. You go to a place of peace where you can enjoy 24 hours that you will never forget with someone that is or was or will be a very important part of your life. I want to be clear about this: you don’t go forward or backwards in time, you get new time!
Time Warp has a working clock in her neck and a diamond shaped red ruby heart with what I am calling pieces of the universe inside her. She is painted like a lippizaner in honor of the first horse I ever had (Twilight, a selfless sweet creature that is greatly missed.) 

This brings us to the machine itself. It is made of acrylic glass with a universe painted on the ceiling and a vintage map in Latin. The giant hourglass in the middle can be flipped so the sands of time can flow.
This may all sound fantastic to you and out of the realm of Reality. Does it actually work? All you have to do to make this machine work is have a little imagination, let it take you to the place/time you have always wanted to go. Close your eyes and think of the things you will do and enjoy, of a loved one's embrace, the smell of the clean air, feel the wind blowing your beautiful memories back to you, think of the good in your life and the miracle of it. Open your eyes and now you have been there in your mind and it did work! Remember there is no one like you in all of the world, no one takes your place, there's only one of you. You are very special, enjoy the miracle of your life and make the most of every moment in time you have now.