Being a very passionate person I had to make a series of paintings called "Horse Passion" especially because horses are something I am passionate about. I am not horse crazy as unbelievable as that may sound,  I just have an appreciation for beautiful things as well as art. When I was 13 yeas of age my family moved not just to a new city but a different county. I did not have any friends especially friends that spoke English. My father bought me a horse which was one thing I had always wanted and that horse became my best friend. She was old and needed lots of help but no matter how much I gave she always gave back more love and kindness than I put in. Not every horse will be this way but for me at that time in life, she was like an angel. So what do horses mean to me, love, faith, kindness and hope. This is what I learned from my horse anyway. Being very passionate about those things I am therefore passionate about horses as well.  I hope this comes across in this set of paintings for others to see.
Green Apple  
Black Velvet 
Spanish Gold
Reference photo for painting taken by  Elise Genest
Ocean Gold 
Blue Fire
Black and White 
Caramel Rush
Persian Prince
Emerald Green
Sapphire Blue