These paintings are not part of a collection, they have their own stories and meanings behind them. Like most of my art, they are created with acrylic paint.

The attitude and expression of this horse changes depending on who is looking at it. What do you see? Love, hope, excitement, strength, peace or just a horse.
The attitude in which he is rearing up reflects confidences and power, not fear.
Wild mustangs are full of life and energy if you have ever had the experience of seeing wild horses in person running and being free, then you know what I mean. I did this painting as an experiment on a new type of canvas but in the end I liked it so much that I decided to paint more mustangs in the future. The original painting (size 36x18) was painted in acrylic on gessobord and took  approximately 28 hours to complete.
                                                                                                 Original for sale                                                                                                 
This painting of Prince is the first painting I did on canvas, it is also the biggest one! Although it does not have the same level of detail as the others because its a slightly different style, I love it anyway. It is impressive because of it's size and overall mood. Original for sale
Prints of Wildfire and Courage

Art Paper

Giclee print 8x12  inches on art paper cost $20.00 USD  
Giclee print 17x26  inches on art paper cost $80.00 USD

100% Cotton Paper and Canvas
prints on 100% cotton paper 8x12 inches  cost$40.00 USD

prints on 100% cotton paper 17x26 inches  cost$150.00 USD  

Giclee on canvas  size 17x26 inches cost $150.00 USD    


Prints of Energy

Art Paper

Giclee print 8x17  inches on art paper cost $30.00 USD  

100% Cotton Paper and Canvas

prints on 100% cotton paper 8x17 inches  cost $60.00 USD

Giclee on canvas  size 8x17 inches cost $60 USD 
Original size 36x18 cost $400 USD  

Original Painting of Prince  
Size 4x4 feet Painted on canvas with acrylic $ 570 USD

About Ordering Prints

Giclee Prints

They are all numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity. Shipped flat.

 I will send prints anywhere in the world,  just send me an email with your address so I can give you a shipping estimate.    

It is important to note that all colors in prints and originals will look different in person than they do on your computer.
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