Green Apple is the second created for the "Horse Passion" collection. Inspired by the color of a lime green apple with caramel dripping off. That freshness but sweet tang. I decided to recreate this in a painting with a horse of course. When I take reference photos to use as a guide for my paintings I usually change the color, expression or leg/body of the horse but in this case the horse was so full of life and spunk that I just had to paint him exactly as he was. I think he felt as free & happy as can be and wanted to show it.                            
  The Original    
Green Apple is painted on a high quality canvas with the best acrylic paints. Its now framed in a stylish black frame and has several coats of UV light portion on it.      
 Original For Sale
Price includes frame $900 USD + Shipping. I will ship to where ever you want but you will need to pay the shipping. I was not selling my originals for I long time but decide that it is time to let some of them go. If your interested in owning the Green Apple original please send me an email so we can discuss it.      
The Creation of Green Apple
Below are some in progress photos and video that gives a little idea of the work involved in making Green Apple. The background is an acrylic pour I used gold metallic paint on it to give it that extra something. I love doing these pours for the backgrounds for the "Horse  Passion" collection they so much fun and you really never know what exactly is going to happen when you put the paint on. After the background is dry I painted the horse on top.                
Prints for Sale

Art Paper

  Giclee print 8x12  inches on art paper cost $25.00 USD  

Giclee print 17x26  inches on art paper cost 90.00 USD


Stretched Canvas
     Giclee stretched canvas size 17x26 inches cost$160.00 USD
      Giclee stretched canvas size 24x36 inches cost $250.00 USD

You can order prints by going to my Etsy shop or by writing me an email with your interest.